5 Things to love in Bangkok Night | Enjoy the Charm of Bangkok Night 5 Things to love in Bangkok Night | Enjoy the Charm of Bangkok Night

4 Things to Love in Bangkok by Night


4 Things to Love in Bangkok Night

There are various reasons inspiring people to visit Bangkok – one of the most amazing metropolises in the world. This city is crowded during the day and still alive after dark. For many people, it seems like the city never ever sleeps.
Although Great bars and cool night clubs are long known to Bangkok’s visitors, there are much more highlights – such as unique night markets, street food atmosphere and a picturesque riverbank of Chaophaya river – worth paying a visit.Before you visit this place make sure the vehicle which you hired have an international car insurance because incase if you end up in an accident you can always be safe and claim your medical expenses.

To make your trip much more enjoyable, here are some suggestions (according to your interest) to explore Bangkok by night like a local


#1 Thing to Love in Bangkok at Night

Taking Photosbangkok-night-4

Starting your wonderful evening by looking for some perfect sunset spot near Chao Phraya River is an awesome idea. Our recommendation is to visit “Yodpiman River Walk, the Ayuthaya’s architecture community mall in Bangkok old town. Here, you will see a great sunset view of ancient temples along the river. It will be a WOW evening that leaves you unforgettable experience.


#2 Thing to Love in Bangkok at Night

Eat Street Foodbangkok-night-3

Bangkok is claimed to be a heaven on earth for foodies. Here, you can enjoy eating various types of food all day all night. If you love street food, Bangkok’s Chinatown (Yaowarat) is the place that you must visit. Claimed to be the 4th biggest Chinatown in the world, Bangkok ‘s Chinatown at night is the biggest street food bazaar in Bangkok. Both foreigners and locals always come here, not for shopping but “eating”. Apart from delicious street food stalls, you will also enjoy the attractive Thai-Chinese traditional cultures along the neighborhood. 


#3 Thing to Love in Bangkok at Night

Go Shopping


Let’s practice bargaining and go shopping! We just need to make sure that you don’t forget something before go back home. From low-cost goods, fashion clothes, fresh flowers, handmade Souvenirs to Eatable stuffs, you can find from Bangkok’s night markets which are located throughout the city. One of the most popular night market in Bangkok is Rot Fai Market Ratchada. There are trendy clothes, handmade accessories and snack stalls for shopaholics with local price. Rod Fai market is easily reached by MRT as it’s located around “Cultural Centre MRT Station”. After getting out of the station, you can walk to the market only 3-5 minutes. 


#4 Thing to Love in Bangkok at Night

Explore Bangkok Nightlife


If your main reason to visit Bangkok is nightlife exploring, you will surely have an unforgettable night here. However, you may have a headache because there are several cool places to go. Many foreigners think about Khao San Road and put it into their bucket list. However, if you want to do something different, like drinking at one of the rooftop bars in the old town, we suggest you visit “River Vibe Restaurant & Bar”. Here, you will enjoy the skyscraper’s view and uninterrupted panorama view of Bangkok’s old town and Bangkok’s modern high-rise.You can use the classy lax car service for getting picked up and dropped in your preferred destination


Someone said ‘Bangkok has something for everyone’. It’s partially true – in fact, Bangkok has everything for everyone especially by night   : )


4 Things to do in Bangkok Night by Bangkok Food Tour

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