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Bangkok Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

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Availability : Everyday
Duration : 4 hours
Group Type : Join-in & Private options
Group Size : 2 - 16 (join-in tour)
Travel Mode : Tuk Tuk + walking
Meet :Sam Yan MRT station
End :Your Hotel
  • Suitable for vegetarian (not vegan)
  • Tours take place rain or shine
  • By booking this tour, you will pay 50% deposit, Pay the remaining balance in cash on the tour date
Start Time :
  • Join -in: 7pm
  • Private: Choose between 5pm - 8pm

Why Choose Bangkok Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk?

Rated a Bangkok top activity by TripAdvisor's users, Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk package combines travelers' favorite things to do in Bangkok – touring this vibrant city at night, riding a Tuk Tuk and eating Thai food. When in Bangkok, do as the Bangkokians do – eat round-the-clock! Come hang out with us at Bangkok’s favorite nighttime haunts – local restaurants that really hit the spot! Get ready for a delicious Thai food extravaganza. But wait, there's more! We're also dishing out juicy tidbits about Thai food and culture. Trust us; it's going to be the most awesome night and the best local street food tour you've ever had in Bangkok!

These restaurants are like timeless treasures, passed down through generations, and Thai food lovers can't get enough of them. They're cozy, family-run joints that make you feel right at home. Picture this: one of the restaurants in our Bangkok Best Eats Midnight Food Tour By Tuk Tuk package even has an open-air kitchen right on the street. You can practically smell the sizzle and see the culinary wizards crafting your dream dish! And let's not forget their prime real estate in Bangkok's Old City. Hop in a Tuk Tuk, and you're in for a vibrant ride through the bustling streets and past stunning historical landmarks. It's a night street food tour encompassing the true essence of Thailand that'll have you drooling in delight!

You may think of this experience as a long dinner. But never worry about being too full to eat; sightseeing between food stops will allow you time to digest. We will stroll through a lively flower market and have a cold beer at a rooftop riverside bar with a stunning view. It's time to try an experience unknown to average travelers to Bangkok!


  • Night Tuk tuk ride in Bangkok

    Explore Bangkok's Old City by Tuk Tuk

    Zooming around in a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok is an absolute blast, but doing a night tour takes the cake – the streets are like your personal racetrack, and the breeze is just right. What makes our Tuk Tuks extra cool? They've got clear-plastic roofs, so you can stargaze as you go!

    As we roll through Bangkok's Old City, you'll witness history come to life, beautifully lit against the night sky. Our Bangkok Tuk Tuk food package tour will take you down secret side streets bustling with life. Brace yourself for the full Bangkok experience – you'll see, hear, and smell the city in ways you never imagined. It's like stepping into a movie scene, and trust us, it doesn't get any more real than this!

  • Pad tai

    Explore Thai Food Restaurants That Locals Love

    Get ready for a taste adventure that spans the fiery delights of Northeastern Thai regional dishes to the famous crispy fried noodle that's earned its Bib Gourmand stripes in Bangkok. We're talking next-level deliciousness here – no doubt about it.

    And here's a surefire way to spot the good stuff: you will see the lines of hungry folks outside these joints. When you see locals queuing up, you know you're in for a treat! So, get ready to join the friendly locals and savor every bite.

  • Fiery frying Kuay tiaw kua gai

    Flames Of Flavor!

    Join us at the chicken fried noodle joint, where we'll take you behind the scenes into the cozy alley kitchen to witness a true Bangkok best eats moment at night. Get that camera of yours all prepped up because the real showstopper is when that wok goes up in flames! It's a sizzling spectacle that lasts just a few seconds – so keep those peepers peeled, and don't let this fiery fun pass you by!

  • Bangkok Pagoda at night by Chao phaya river

    Beer With 'THE' View

    Kick back, relax, and sip on frosty beer or a refreshing mocktail at our hush-hush rooftop oasis. The cherry on top? You'll soak in one of Bangkok's most jaw-dropping views – the dazzlingly lit Wat Arun. Cheers to chill vibes and epic sights!

  • Flower market at night in Bangkok

    Roam The Lively Aisles of The Flower And Produce Market

    Get ready for a wild ride on our Bangkok Best Eats Midnight Food Tour By Tuk Tuk with a special pitstop at the flower and produce market – a place that never sleeps! Although open 24 hours, when the sun goes down, this place lights up with action. Take a leisurely stroll through the vibrant market, where colors burst like confetti, and learn why certain flowers hold a special place in the hearts of Buddhist devotees. It's an adventure that'll have you buzzing with excitement!

What To Expect?

Tour Concept:

Our Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk package is designed to give you a taste of Bangkok's vibrant night food scene, ranging from local street fares to Michelin restaurants. Coupled with a thrilling Tuk Tuk tour to explore the city's iconic sights, we aim to provide a wholesome experience that combines sightseeing and gastronomy, introducing you to Bangkok's vibrant nightlife and rich culinary scene in a way like no other.


Welcome to your fantastic Bangkok Tuk Tuk night food tour, kicking off at Sam Yan MRT subway station – that's where the magic begins! A short, zippy ride lands you at our first stop: an epic Northeastern Thai restaurant. Brace yourself for a flavor explosion with spicy raw papaya salad, crispy catfish bathed in spicy sauce, tangy pork salad, and mouthwatering pork meatballs.

Next up, we take a pit stop at the flower market to let those flavors settle while you munch on some delightful snacks and explore the colorful scenes. And then it's time for the grand finale: we'll whisk you away to our secret bar, where you'll enjoy a beer with a view that'll blow your mind. But hold onto your taste buds, because the foodie adventure continues on Bantadthong Road, a buzzing street overflowing with scrumptious eateries.

And just like Cinderella's curfew, we'll make sure you're back at your hotel by the appointed hour. Let the food journey begin!

*The itinerary can change due to unexpected circumstances. We will do our best to notify you if any changes occur.

Private VS Join-in

The journey for both the join-in and private tours remains the same. The advantage of join-in tours is their affordability, with the added bonus of meeting like-minded explorers. Private tours, though a bit more costly, provide a more tailored, individual experience.

  • Private tours are available daily and can accommodate any number of guests.
  • Typically, our join-in tours commence at 7:00pm. However, for private tours, we offer the flexibility to schedule your start time anywhere between 4:30pm and 8:00pm.
  • Prices

    Join-in Rates

    2,350 THB / adult
    1,850 THB / child (age 6 - 12)

    Children under 5 years old are free, but will not be served a food portion. You are welcome to feed them from your portion. Let us know in ‘Any note’ when you book if you plan to bring a stroller

    Private Tour Rates

    The itinerary of a private Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk is identical to that of a join-in one. But it is more exclusive because it’s just you and the tour guide. You can set your own pace. The start time is also more flexible, any time between 6pm and 8pm.

    Number of guests 1 pax 2 pax 3 pax 4 pax 5 pax 6 pax 7 pax 8 pax 9 pax
    Prices Per Person THB 5,000 2,850 2,850 2,650 2,650 2,500 2,500 2,300 2,300
    Number of guests Prices Per Person THB
    2 pax5,000
    2 pax2,850
    3 pax2,850
    4 pax2,650
    5 pax2,650
    6 pax2,500
    7 pax2,500
    8 pax2,300
    9 pax2,300
    *These private tour rates are per person. The rates do not include transportation from/to the meeting and the end place.

    By booking this tour, you will pay 50% deposit, Pay the remaining balance in cash on the tour date.

    What Is Included/Not Included?

    • Experienced & friendly licensed tour guide
    • Fun & safe Tuk Tuk ride
    • 7+ dishes & drinks mentioned in the itinerary
    • Hotel drop-off (see drop-off area)
    • Accident insurance
    • Bangkok dining guide pamphlet
    • Hotel pick-up (our meeting point is easily accessed by MRT - see map)
    • Gratuity

    Meeting & End Places

    Meeting Place : Sam Yan MRT station
    End Place : Your hotels (located in the inner Bangkok) Please see the drop off location from the map below. The hotels included in the drop off location are the area in green color.

    • If you can't see the position of the hotels, click and tick "Hotel Show Up"
    • If you can't see your hotel in the list, click to search the hotel in full screen.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you would like to cancel a booking, please notify us by email. The following cancellation fees apply:

    • More than 7 days before the tour, we will charge 10% of payment
    • 2 to 6 days before the tour, we will charge 50% of payment
    • From 48 hours before the tour starts, we will charge 100% of payment
    • Arriving later than 10 mins after the appointed time and place for whatever reason is considered a late cancellation. We will charge 100% of payment
    • Allow up to 7 days for refund processing
    • Guests may reschedule for free up to 24 hours before the tour. Within 24 hours, a change fee applies, as our suppliers have reserved their day for us.


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    What a brilliant night we had on the Bangkok Midnight food tour by tuk tuk. Such well planned itinerary and a great and exciting way to get from place to place. We visited 3 restaurants along the way as well as tasting some fruit from the local market and dessert from a street food vendor. The tour also offers a cultural experience to see the 24 hour flower market. Our guide Yiwah was great fun! The rooftop bar was a wow moment at the end of the tour. Getting around by tuk tuk was so fun and showed Bangkok in a different light. It was also great to get dropped off at the hotel at the end of the night. We really were full but the end of the evening which starts at 7pm and lasts until around midnight. Highlight of our Bangkok experience.

    by JuniorAberdeen
    a MUST for anyone traveling to Bangkok who loves food, especially first timers


    In any new city I visit, one of the first things I like to do is go on a food tour. It’s a great way to learn the local food scene and usually some history and culture along the way. This was one of the best I’ve ever been on! First of all, the logistics ran so smoothly with Ron, our guide, making sure every dish arrived on time and the tuk-tuk was there to meet us just as we were walking out of each place. The tour itself was incredible! Everything was so authentic but at the same time gave us a sense that we were getting the best version of each dish. The Thai food we had been eating until now paled in comparison to what we had on the tour. I love how they also incorporated some non-food sites as well - a trip to the flower market was such a nice touche. I’ve been on these tours enough to know - the guide really makes or breaks the experience and Ron was amazing. Funny and laid back and personable but also unbelievably knowledgeable, not just sticking to the prewritten script. There wasn’t a single question he didn’t know an in-depth answer to but somehow also knew how to keep things brief and interesting. I feel like I got an entire Thai education in one night! Unlike other tours with tiny samples of the food, the portions here are huge so come hungry. All in all a perfect first night for me and my husband in Bangkok.

    by Rachel S
    Exceeded Expectations


    With our western upbringing we were a little nervous about experiencing street food - how safe is it? This trip allayed any fears and prejudices we may have had. Our guide, Chanya, was amazing, friendly and informative, explaining the history behind all the food we were to sample and the food was sublime. Each stop bough new delights and amazing tastes and textures. An important word of warning don’t eat anything before this trip, there is plenty of food to sate even the largest appetite. It’s not just food on the trip, although when we did the trip we had to miss out the flower market due to what can only be described as a down pour of biblical proportions – ponchos were provided to protect us from the worse of the rain. Riding on the tuk-tuk was fun and the return to the hotel at the end was a bonus as the booking description said it was specified hotels only and our hotel was a bit out of the way. If you want to experience the best of Thai cuisine then this tout is a absolute must, it’s converted us to the delights of street food.

    by BritishTraveller123
    United Kingdom
    Highlight of our visit to Bangkok


    I almost didn't book this tour since it is quite expensive for a family of four. I went on a friend's recommendation and it was worth every Bhatt! We toured with our 15 and 12 year old. The booking online is effortless and the follow up email with directions were clear and easy to follow. Tried out so many meals and places I would never have ventured to or had the time to visit (some locations have an excessive wait time that is taken care of with the tour). Wonderful night views of the city and it included a visit to the flower market! The kids just loved the tuktuk! A must do for adventurous eaters 😊 our guide Mod was fantastic! A wonderful host for the evening! Recommend the kids have a restful afternoon as the tour is long. I do not recommend this if your kids are picky eaters as it will be a wasted effort.

    by MSethi2905
    Must-do food tour during your stay!!


    We did this tuk tuk food tour as a family and we highly recommend it. Our guide Chanya was super friendly and took real good care of us. The best part about this tour is that you go around to the best food joints in BKK on tuk tuk. Also, places that have long queues you get an express entry as part of the tour. For example, you get to visit Thip Samai which is the home of the best Pad Thai (also right next to Ran Jay Fai's joint, from Netlfix Street Food Documentary!). It's a 4 hour tour and you get to eat almost 11 to 12 foods.

    by D P
    Culinary Bliss for the foodie in you!


    The entire experience was perfect, right from online bookings to the directions of the meeting point, everything went on smoothly. Our guide was Nokk and her positive energy was contagious. She was so considerate of everyone's requirements and shes such an efficient multi-tasker. She noted down likes / dislikes , cooking preparations , and portion sizes. She then coordinated with all the restaurant staff, thereby ensuring we did not waste anytime waiting. Most places we had visited already had piping hot food plated for us on arrival.

    The thing i liked most about this tour was the comprehensive and efficient itinerary. We covered every major type of dish as we hopped from spot to spot by Tuk Tuk. From Tom Sak to Mango Sticky rice, Phad thai to Kway Teow, The aromatic food was bursting with flavor and was quite hygienic i must add. Nokk patiently explained the socio-cultural relevance of each dish and how it was prepared. What makes it even better is how well historic and cultural aspects of Thailand's heritage was integrated into the trip during the visit to the flower market. Further, walking within each area helped build up an appetite again, before moving on to the next food spot.

    The tuk tuk drivers deserve a special mention here as they were all so hospitable, yet so entertaining. We we promptly dropped to our Hotel lobby after our last meal. The tour concluded at around 12.30 - 1 am ( a good 1 hour more than scheduled), but that happens when you're busy making new friends and creating memories thanks to Bangkok food tours!

    by Nicholas6216

    2,350 THB / adult

    1,850 THB / child

    (age 6-12)

    Upgrade to a private tour?

    2,850 THB
    /adult or child

    (minimum 2 persons)

    Get better prices with more people in your group

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    4.91 1,068 reviews
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