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4 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Bangkok


Bangkok turns pink and red on February 14th. Valentine’s day in Bangkok is as festive as any other celebrations – so much that you can’t help but feeling aligned with the groove. Couples walk around holding a rose bouquet, whispering sweet words into each other’s ears. Pink ribbons and rose decorations are hung at boutiques and stores. Are you looking for ideas to please your date, to reminisce about years gone by, or to celebrate your singleness (with a chance to meet someone)? If you do, look no further…


Idea No.1  for Valentine’s Day in Bangkok

Dining in a Small Intimate Restaurant

The Red Rose Restaurant | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours

The Red Rose, an intimate and romantic restaurant in Shanghai Mansion Bangkok

Hotel and top stand-alone restaurants in Bangkok usually offer dining promotions and themed events to mark the day. And this is how it typically goes. You‘re overwhelmed by plenty of choices on Google’s search results of ‘ restaurants bangkok for valentine,’ still you pick one. Then, you find yourself and your date at a romantic but busy restaurant, sharing the space with other hundred couples. The bill finally comes out about 20,000 THB. And all you can do is to shrug and say, well, today’s a special day.


Issaya Siamese Club | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours

The romantic and beautiful dining area of Issaya Siamese Club

Delicious dishes at Issaya Siamese Club | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours

Delicious dishes at Issaya Siamese Club

So, why can’t your Valentine’s Day be as simple as a fine dining in small but intimate restaurant? Small is cozy – a good point to start with. Then you only have to have good conversations and let the tasty food does its job. Our long-time favorite is La Table de Tee (20 pax) where the Thai chef owner creates progressive and innovative Franco-Thai dishes. The Red Rose at Shanghai Mansion serves Chinese cuisine paired with Chinese whiskeys and crisp plum wine. Issaya Siamese Club serving traditional Thai cuisine, is a hidden gem set in a hundred-year-old house in a luscious green garden.


sala rattanakosin Bangkok Restaurant | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours

sala rattanakosin Bangkok Restaurant at sunset

Or if you care for a river and illuminated Wat Arun view, head to the stylish Sala Rattanakosin Restaurant catering Thai and international dishes. The nearby Sala Arun’s Bitter Deck serves delicious charcoal grilled meat, veg, and seafood. Both have rooftop bars overlooking the same view if you’re up for drinks after the romantic meal.


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Idea No.2  for Valentine’s Day in Bangkok

Dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River

Apsara Dinner Cruise | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours

Apsara Dinner Cruise, operated by Banyan Tree Hotel

Like romantic restaurants, there’re a zillion choices of dinner cruises on the Chao Phraya river. Keep in mind that big cruisers equipped with blazing neon lights and disco music (which usually host over 100 people) are for party-goers and may not be your good choice for celebrating valentine’s day in Bangkok. Our preference is to go on a boutique small cruise. They’re more quiet, private, and intimate.


Supanniga Cruise | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours

Supanniga Cruise

The cruises usually serve delicious Thai cuisine with choices for vegetarians, accompanied by first-class hospitality. They last about 2 hours. Most of the time, they travel on the same route, pasting Bangkok Old City’s iconic attractions along Chao Phraya river like Wat Arun, the Grand Palace, all the way up to Rama VIII Bridge before heading back to the starting point. Several feature traditional Thai dance shows onboard.


Upper deck of Supanniga Cruise | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours

Upper deck of Supanniga Cruise

For your special Valentine’s evening, There’re a few luxury rice barge cruisers that top our favorites’ list.


Idea No.3  for Valentine’s Day in Bangkok

A Romantic Night City Tour by Tuk Tuk

The Romantic Tour | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours

A happy couple on Smiling Tuk Tuk’s The Romantic tour

Bangkok Old City is the most romantic neighborhood in Bangkok with its charming traditional and colonial-era architecture. Beautiful during days, these sites are prettier at night when they’re all lit-up. Taking Smiling Tuk Tuk‘s tour ‘The Romantic‘ is one way to behold this beauty. As its name suggests, the tour is crafted for couples to celebrate their love and to cherish special occasions like their anniversaries and Valentine’s day.


Beautiful Chao Phraya river view | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours

Beautiful Chao Phraya river view which can be seen on the tour

The tour takes you and your lover on a fun and safe Tuk Tuk ride around Bangkok’s Old City at night. Following your tour guide, you’ll be introduced to activities available for lovers to do in the area and learn about local culture in the same time. Roughly, you’ll visit the most romantic temple in Bangkok, eat traditional Thai sweets prepared for weddings in a wet market, dine and drink at a romantic restaurant with a river view. Along the way, you’ll stop at beautiful sites for cute photo shots and listen to Thai love tales. We’d say this tour is the most romantic thing you can do on Valentine’s day in Bangkok that gives you local travel experience in the same time.


Idea No.4  for Valentine’s Day in Bangkok

Black Valentine’s for Singletons

Are you a singleton? Being single on Valentine’s day isn’t necessary a sad thing when you’re in Bangkok. First, there’re tons of people like you. Second, they’re all ready to party and perhaps actively looking for a potential lover! Look no further than Black Valentine’s events and parties in Bangkok hosted by kg events malta. Big hotel bars and clubs hurl in international DJs and provide generous promotions on drinks. Local bars gather famous Thai singers to caress your ears with sad and heart-broken songs. All you need is an awesome or sexy black clothes for the event.These places have shops where they have california marijuana for sale .These are legal vendors. 


Black Valentine's | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours


But…if you decide to avoid Valentine’s crowd and stay in, you can pick up a movie from The Reading Room Art Library to watch at home or simply browse YouTube with the many videos promoted there by Marketing Heaven. From early February to the 15th, The Reading Room offers ‘Blind Date with a Film Week’. They give you a wrapped DVD movie so you don’t know what movie is handed to you, like a surprise. You have a month before having to return it. Upon handing it back, you fill out a ‘rate your date’ card to tell the staff what your dating experience with the movie was! And of course, there is no rental fee.


Infographic | Valentine's Day in Bangkok | Bangkok Food Tours

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