Bucket List Worthy: Exploring Thai Floating Markets

No trip to Thailand is truly complete without basking in the unique charm of the floating markets around Bangkok! Enter Bangkok Food Tours, your culinary tour guide, celebrated for our top-notch service by throngs of delighted foodies. Let us whisk you away on an extraordinary adventure with one of our day tours in Bangkok, “Offbeat Floating Markets Food Tour.
A view of Amphawa Floating Market

Embrace the unique charms of three Thai floating markets where you can enjoy fresh produce and traditional local delicacies. We even sneak in a visit to the renowned Mae Klong Railway Market, where a train astonishingly zips right through the marketplace! These floating markets, a stone’s throw from the Gulf of Thailand, are prized for tantalizing seafood dishes, made fresh by local cooks. Relish the array of mouth-watering treats, some sizzling right on the boats!

What to Expect

The tour is approximately 6 to 7 hours long and starts bright and early to catch the markets at their liveliest. It’s ideal for small groups for an intimate experience and is suitable for all ages, including children. Our tour package includes all food tastings, boat rides, a local guide, and round-trip transportation. For the best experience, be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring your camera and an appetite for when you explore these attractions:

Amphawa Floating Market

A true gem of a floating market in Samut Songkhram, Amphawa is renowned for its quaint charm and old wooden shops. As you glide through the canal, expect to see houses on stilts and vendors selling an array of traditional Thai food and handicrafts. The market’s vibrant evening atmosphere is enhanced by the aroma of grilled seafood, such as prawns, squid, and shellfish, making it a culinary adventure.

Bang Noi Floating Market

This market near Amphawa presents a more traditional and historical experience, having been an important trading spot along the Mae Klong River. Bang Noi is less crowded and more relaxed, allowing a genuine glimpse into the past. The old wooden houses and shops that line the waterways add to its charm, offering a picturesque backdrop to your exploration.

Tha Kha Floating Market

This market is considered to have preserved its authentic, local quality and is less frequented by tourists. However, Tha Kha lets you experience a floating market in a more traditional village setting. This market, active for a few days around the lunar calendar, offers a quieter and more serene experience. Local vendors paddle their small boats, selling products ranging from local farm produce of vegetables and fruits to humble, home-cooked meals.

Mae Klong Railway Market

A highlight feature of our tour is the visit to the Mae Klong Railway Market or Hoop Rom. Marvel at the sight of a train passing swiftly through the market at designated times, with vendors deftly moving their goods and awnings to make way. This unique phenomenon showcases the vibrancy of Thai markets and the adaptability of the local people.

Reasons to Visit Thai Floating Markets

Authentic Pad Thai being cooked on a boat

A Culinary Adventure

Thai floating markets are culinary hotspots where you can indulge in a wide range of local dishes, from fresh seafood to sweet Thai desserts. Visitors will get to experience authentic Thai street food in its most traditional form, with dishes and delicacies prepared right on the boats.

A Cultural Immersion

A visit to a local floating market is a feast for your taste buds, as well as a closer glimpse into the local way of life. As you weave through waterways, you’ll see local vendors on wooden boats adorned with vibrant produce, easily a living postcard of Thailand. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the Thai lifestyle and the historical significance of these markets as a central hub for communities to engage in trading and commerce.
Our floating market food tour includes a serene rowboat ride into an orchard showcasing traditional coconut palm sugar production. Visitors will surely be swept up by the nostalgic ambiance of the markets, with the traditional flavors of local Thai cuisine among the sturdy wooden shops and homes taking you on a time-travel journey to the 1960s.

A Shopping Experience

Thai floating markets are ideal for purchasing local handicrafts, fresh produce, and unique souvenirs. By shopping and eating at these markets, you contribute to the local economy and support small vendors in the community. It’s also a great opportunity to have genuine interaction with the locals.
Floating markets are enjoyable for visitors of all ages and are a family-friendly experience. Join Bangkok Food Tours and tick off this incredible experience from your Thailand bucket list. Book your day tours in Bangkok today and prepare for a trip that’s as uniquely flavorful and colorful as it is unforgettable!

Take a moment to dive into this reel; see what it’s like to experience authentic Thai food and culture in the floating market

Experience Bangkok through Taste Sensations

We help foreign visitors “eat like Thais do.” Our itineraries focus on using food to connect you with local people, Thai history and Thai culture without losing touch with travel attractions. As you enjoy the food,our knowledgeable culinary guide will unveil stories behind the eateries and their famous recipes, on top of fun history, rich culture, and insights of the neighborhoods we visit.

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  • Street food with no fear of getting sick.
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