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“Offbeat Floating Markets Food Tour” – kryzhanovskaya // TripAdvisor // Aug 1, 2012
“Thailand that only locals experience…” – Artur U // TripAdvisor // June 11, 2012
“3 Floating Markets and a Train” – Clsiow // TripAdvisor // June 9, 2012
“I am so full” – Outmodedtrash // TripAdvisor // June 3, 2012
“Really great way to spend a day in Bangkok” – Suttova // TripAdvisor // May 26, 2012
“Absolute MUST for Foodies” – Etherealprey // TripAdvisor // Mar 27, 2012
“Very enjoyable” – Petricola // TripAdvisor // Feb 18, 2012
“Great Time on the Offbeat Floating Markets Food Tours!” – Bill L // TripAdvisor // Jan 29, 2012

“Fantastic Tour of the floating markets” – Benoit L // TripAdvisor // Jan 29, 2012
“A MUST DO…foodies, aspiring chefs and most of all FOOD LOVERS!” – Nicole991 // TripAdvisor // Jan 15, 2012




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Offbeat Floating Markets Food Tour

We decided to do a floating markets food tour and have to say that it was amazing. We booked a group tour but as nobody else came that dat, we were only 2 with a guide. This tour is a really great opportunity to get to know Bangkok’s countryside and get away from the capital. It took the whole day and was full of visits. We went to a famous Train Market, 3 different Floating Markets, a Tree Temple (don’t remember the name), a tiny coconut sugar factory and got a boat trip, a thai massage and, of course, lots and lots of very interesting and tasty thai food that you would never try by yourself. The other great thing is that they bring you to the markets where you barely find any tourists (except train market) and the local people are making photos of you!!! We found it as a best way to make a cultural tour combined with a local food tasting at the same time. The tour seems to be expensive, but for all the places you see and the food you taste it is totally worth the money, no doubt!!! Actually, it was too much food!

Reviewed on Aug 1 by kryzhanovskaya
Source: TripAdvisor

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Thailand that only locals experience…

What and amazing tour! We have been taken away from concrete and shopping jungles to see hidden Thailand that normally only locals can access. Fresh food markets was an amazing experience that reminded me what food can look, smell and taste like. Tasted so many flavors that it was hard to choose which was my favorite; all of them were so good! Whisked away to a quiet boat ride (no noisy engines!), seeing how locals live, work and can enjoy life and food. All of that under constant care of a very knowledgeable and friendly local guide (perfect English – what a relief!). All I had to do was to 100% enjoy the day, tastes, smells and the after lunch massage that made me wonder – what if I just stayed here…

Reviewed on June 11 by Artur U
Source: TripAdvisor

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3 Floating Markets and a Train

This was a great day. Ther were 6 of us an 2 guides – Olive and Nooshi. Great. They were fun and knowledgeable. We went to a market right up to the train tracks. The stall holders had to pull back their displays (some of these on rails) so the train could get past, They do this 8 times a day!
We then moved on to 3 floating markets of varying size and some more local and others more touristy. At each we sampled some food. Decent portions so skip breakfast! It was grat to see and taste the food including some unusual ingredients and colours.

We had a tour down some canals to a local house and coconut sugar “refinery” – Wonderful.

All the markets are outside Bangkok so an added attraction was to see some of the surrounding countryside.

I had such a good time I am tempted to do the same tour again.

Reviewed on June 9 by Clsiow
Source: TripAdvisor

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I am so full

Great food and good fun with the Floating market tour and the China town walk. I recommend it.

Reviewed on June 3 by Outmodedtrash
Source: TripAdvisor

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Really great way to spend a day in Bangkok

I highly recommend this to anybody who loves food, exploring a foreign culture and experiencing ‘tourist’ attractions as well as ‘off-the-beaten-track’ sights. This is a jam packed day, but it doesn’t feel rushed. My big advice to anyone is – skip breakfast and PACE YOURSELF! 🙂 there is a lot of food and drinks to be had throughout the day! Olive and Nushi, our tour guides were fun, knowledgable, answered every question and really took great care of us. Olive even made some calls to recommend a good tour provider for a tour I wanted to take and they don’t provide themselves. The comfort provided is very good, even though you experience some very local places – you travel in air-conditioned comfy van, water and tissues are provided as well as antiseptic wipes before and after every meal, so you can tuck in with your hands without a worry. The guides took care of even the small, but important things like providing toilet paper and recommending at which place to use the bathroom (because on the next place they are not kept clean). All of this really made a difference and overall I had a fantastic day that I’ll remember for a long time.

Reviewed on May 26 by Suttova
Source: TripAdvisor

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Absolute MUST for Foodies

I did the floating market tours which was new. 3 floating markets, a coconut sugar factory, a temple or two and the market where the train goes through (yeah I saw that on Bourdain) this tour is totally worth it! Granted it starts early in the morning, but it’s worth it. Get up! Get going! You go to floating markets the locals go to, you see how the people shop, eat, and sell. It’s really amazing, The food is amazing. You will NOT be disappointed at all. It rained hard for a few minutes, but then it passed. Seeing the people sell their wares on the floating boats in the bustling market was really amazing.
Our guide was Olive, and Mike, who’s in training. Both knew a lot about thai culture and food.
They picked us up, and dropped us off. We even got to ride in a boat around the floating market to the coconut factory, where we watched this 60 year old woman make coconut sugar. We saw a traditional thai house on the river and lots of plants and flowers. This tour was amazing and a must try while in Bangkok. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed on Mar 27 by Etherealprey
Source: TripAdvisor

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Very enjoyable

I took the Offbeat Food Markets Tour and it fully lived up to expectations. In a comfortable vehicle our group of 4 (a couple and two singles all booking separately) visited three different and contrasting floating markets, none of which were even slightly tourist oriented, sampled a variety of interesting food, then capped the day by seeing a unique ‘train through the food market’. This company was easy to deal with for my last minute booking and they did everything their website claims. Our guides Olive and Mike were excellent.

Reviewed on Feb 18 by Petricola
Source: TripAdvisor

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Great time on the Offbeat Floating Markets Food Tour!

Only had one day in Bangkok and was hoping to take the Bangrak Walking Tour I had read so much about. Unfortunately, no Bangrak tour on Sundays. But I took the Offbeat Floating Markets Food Tour and had a great time.
The guides were fun, energetic, knowledgeable and spoke very good English. Lots of neat sights and information and great food! Saw lots of things (and ate lots of things) I never would have found on my own. It was fun being off the tourist trail. At one of the very crowded, buzzing floating markets we visited I and my tour mates seemed to be the only non-Thai’s there. I am sure this new tour will only get better as time goes by.

Reviewed on January 2012 by Bill L
Source: TripAdvisor

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Fantastic tour of the floating markets

I done the floating market tour and was a great experience. We taste a lot of Thai foods in markets and it was a remarkable experience. The guide Is great and professionel.

I recommand it.

J’ai fait le tour gastronique des marchés flotants et ce fut une expérience fantastique. Très bonne bouffes et grande variétés des mets a dégustés.

Je le recommande fortement

Reviewed on January 2012 by Benoit L
Source: TripAdvisor

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A MUST DO…foodies, aspiring chefs and most of all FOOD LOVERS!

My mother and I visited Thailand for a week and the Offbeat Floating Markets Tour was an absolute highlight for us.

I read on the Bangkok food tours website about this Market tour and it sounded amazing unfortunately the tour began the week after our visit. I emailed the team who were most helpful and offered a private tour for us on our travelling dates.

Kit and Chi our guides picked us up from our hotel and the day was wonderful exploring porcelain maker, markets, houses, temples. Without giving too much away this tour really gives you a great insight into the culture of Thai food, preparation, flavours and the way of life for the locals. I was really glad to get away from the typical tourist scene and see a part of the REAL Thailand.

We ate sooo much food and our guides even gave us food to take back to the hotel. My tip is get amongst it and try all the street food (the guides have got down pat the yummiest choices!)

A full day tour that is value for money, funny and friendly guides, lots of yummy food and simple booking/pick up process. Water is provided throughout the day and all food/drinks is covered by your guide.

I highly recommend this tour to anyone with a keen interest in the markets/food!

If you are short on time the local bangkok food tours by this same company are also Amazing!!!

Reviewed on January 2012 by Nicole991
Source: TripAdvisor

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