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“Food and Fun” – Crellins // TripAdvisor // Feb 15, 2012

“Best part of Bangkok..fantastic!” – Kirra a // TripAdvisor // Feb 11, 2012

“Eat like the locals….must do in Bangkok….” – Bibster2005 // TripAdvisor // Feb 5, 2012

“Wonderful cultural, gastronomic and walking tour with Olive” – Mexico_D_F_Alex // TripAdvisor // Jan 21, 2012

A Must Do In Bangkok – Brad J // TripAdvisor // Jan 18, 2012

Skip breakfast – Rafflesia // TripAdvisor // Jan 2, 2012

Awesome tasting experience – Bradley C // TripAdvisor // Dec 30, 2011

“Great tour for food lovers!” – Luke D // TripAdvisor // Dec 24, 2011
Really enjoyed this tour – a great way of seeing Bangkok – Lozrod // TripAdvisor // Nov, 2011
“Glad we took the tour” – Sarah // TripAdvisor // Sept 26, 2011

“We all had an awesome time!” – Nancy // TripAdvisor // Sept 22, 2011
“Spicy” – EcoMuse // TripAdvisor // Sept 20, 2011
“One of the best tours I’ve ever done.” – Tony // Facebook // Sept 16, 2011
“Excellent tour. Not too hard a walk.” – Carlos // TripAdvisor // Sept 3, 2011
“Best tour of the holiday” – Northampton_Girl // TripAdvisor // Sept 16, 2011
“Fantastic tour – excellent authentic thai food, with a bit of sight seeing thrown in – BeachieSydney // TripAdvisor // Aug 29, 2011
“We had a good time” – AnnieKR // TripAdvisor // Aug 29, 2011
“An enjoyable morning” – Andreajr // TripAdvisor // Aug 20, 2011
“Amazing encounter with Thai food” – Marysia_Czyzewska // TripAdvisor // Aug 19, 2011
“Eine Stadtbesichtigung für etwas Mutigere” – Daniel B.// GetYourGuide // Aug 13, 2011
“Great way to try some new dishes and see some Thai culture” – Vicbrett // TripAdvisor // Aug 6, 2011
“Fantastic to experience the real Bangkok away from tourists” – NGL111 // TripAdvisor // Aug 4, 2011
“Incontournable” – Gifis // TripAdvisor // June 30, 2011

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Food and Fun

We did the Bangrak food tour with Olive who was great company and a good tour guide. The tour is great – walking from location to location to try a different food type at each with plenty of information in between. Some of the food was excellent – crispy catfish in particular was superb and something I am sure we would not have normally tried. The tour is great value, you get to see Bangkok and you eat well!

Reviewed on Feb 15 by Crellins
Source: TripAdvisor

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Best part of Bangkok..fantastic!

We did the Bangrak food tour with the guides named Nushi and Kit. It was so easy to organise and they met us promptly at the designated meeting place. My husband and I LOVED the 3 hours we spent on this tour. Everything we tried had SO much flavour and was at restaurants that we never would have found ourselves. We are usually cautious in trying local food as we have been sick before but we did NOT get sick at all, we felt great after eating everything and were fine the next day too.
The guides were so helpful in sharing the history of the area and showing us important places. This tour is a MUST-DO whilst in Bangkok! YUM!!

Reviewed on Feb 11 by Kirra a
Source: TripAdvisor

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Eat like the locals….must do in Bangkok….

What a fantastic way to experience Thai food accompanied by our nice guide, Olive who has very good sense of humour!! Nice walk with short distance to all restaurants, food was fantastic 8 dishes in 4 hours) – we would not have been able to find these places without this tour. The audio headset was very helpful to keep us all together. The ferry ride to the other side of the river into a small village for the catfish and octopus meal was awesome. Its definitely a must if you are in Bangkok…

Reviewed on Feb 5 by Bibster2005
Source: TripAdvisor

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Wonderful cultural, gastronomic and walking tour with Olive

I took this tour and I had a wonderful experience. Olive was my guide and lucky for me I was the only one that day. I am sure this walking tour will be crowded when people know about the excellent service and the extraordinary tour they offer. There are seven food stops and it is not only thai food but indian and chinese. This tour also offers a cultural walking tour near the area. It starts in Saphan Taksin and then you walk some blocks up silom and near silom area. I really recommend this tour to everyone who is interested in culture, good food and nice walking. Thanks Olive!!! I hope you had a nice trip in Singapur. Thanks! Alex. (The drama teacher).

Reviewed on Jan 21 by Mexico_D_FAlex (Drama Teacher)
Source: TripAdvisor

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A Must Do In Bangkok

Today’s tour was the best part of being in Thailand these past 10 days. Olive (our guide) was helpful, funny and went above and beyond to help us book another event for this evening. The tour included a interesting look into Thai culture and heritage in addition to the spectacular food. Top notch and GREAT value for money.

Reviewed on Jan 18 by Brad J
Source: TripAdvisor

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Skip breakfast

I consider myself having a good appetite and regretted having that cup of morning coffee and OJ before commencing on the BFT. I actually skipped the rice that came with the duck at station 1, doggy bagged the buns in station 4 and still felt full after the final station of roti and green curry. Here is a hint. Book this tour early into your stay in Bangkok, sample the various street fare and make your way back for seconds and thirds in your own time. As an Asian who grew up in Singapore feasting on hawker food, I can only describe the food sampled as YUMMY. Its been 24 hours since the tour and no tummy upset. Our guide Olive also provides a good commentary on interesting sights along the journey. This tour will not only fill you up physically but also enrich your understanding on Thai History and Culture.

Reviewed on Jan 2 by Rafflesia
Source: TripAdvisor

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Awesome tasting experience

The tour was great! Not only the food, which was lovely, but also the exploration of some of the Bang Rak sights was made really great by our friendly and well informed tour guide, Olive. If you have three hours and you want to experience Bangkok food in all it’s dimensions from Indian influenced curries, mouthwatering duck and traditional Thai green curry, then this tour is a must! But be warned – come hungry! The tour inludes five tasting venues and it takes a large appetite to do justice to all of the dishes, but it is well worth the effort.

Reviewed on Dec 30 by Bradley C
Source: TripAdvisor

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Great tour for food lovers!

My wife and I love food. We wanted someone to take us around to places in Bangkok where we could get a real taste of Thai food. We went on the Bangrak Tour with Bangkok Food Tours which we found on TripAdvisor. It was great. Nice and very knowledgeable tour guide, delicious and varied food. We liked it so much that at the end of the tour we booked their other tour the nighttime Chinatown food tour which was also great. Strongly recommend.

Reviewed on Dec 24 by Luke D
Source: TripAdvisor

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“Really enjoyed this tour – a great way of seeing Bangkok”

This food tour was a great way to spend a morning. Our tour guide was so friendly and had so much information. You learn all about the local area, the customs of thailand, the culture of the city and the local sights. The food is delicious, you get to try a real variety and they were accommodating to me even though I do not eat meat. We went back to one cafe twice after the food tour because it was so fab. I think it is good for learning about the history and culture of the area as well as sampling lots of yummy food and good value for money – recommended!

Reviewed on Nov 2011 by Lozrod
Source: TripAdvisor

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Glad we took the tour!

We knew this tour from all good reviews here in Tripadvisor but we did not book the tour until we got Thailand. So, we told our hotel concierge to book this tour for us but instead he recommended other tours. Lucky enough, we trusted our feeling and decided to call Bangkok Food Tour for a booking and we are so glad we took this tour.

The tour itself is a great idea as it combines food tasting and sightseeing within 3.5 hours. We had a good time tasting delicious local food samples and seeing Thai people lifestyle. Unlike other reviews, we both liked the authentic green curry with roti. The green curry is so tasty that I can eat it everyday. So, give this tour a try if you plan to visit Bangkok. Dont trust your concierge!

Reviewed on Sept 26 by Sarah
Source: TripAdvisor

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We all had an awesome time!

Thanks Bangkok Food Tours for such a great program, highlighting all great local places and restaurants. We took Bangrak morning tour last month and all 4 of my family enjoyed the tour a lot. Our favorite part is, of course, the selections of food, showing us a variety of local Thai tastings. The food size is perfect and allows us to enjoy many different types of menus, all for brunch/lunch. We will surely take their other tours when we visit Bangkok again.

Reviewed on Sept 22 by Nancy
Source: TripAdvisor

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We would never have found the places we were taken, much less tried the simply awesome food. This is a must do tour for any food lover visiting Bangkok.

Reviewed on Sept 20 by EcoMuse
Source: TripAdvisor

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One of the best tours I have ever done.

This would have to be one of the best tours I have ever done. Combining eating and sight seeing is a fantastic idea. Enjoyed it so much, tomorrow night we are doing the Chinatown food tour! Unfortunately there isn’t enough time for the Bites and Bike tour, but that will be on our list for the next trip to Bangkok. Excellent work! Highly recommended…

Reviewed on Sept 16 by Tony
Source: Facebook

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Excellent tour. Not too hard a walk.

We did this tour with our 9 month old (and ten kilo) son strapped to me in a Baby Bjorn. Our guide was a little worried about whether we’d be able to complete the tour, but we had no problems. You have regular oppurtunities to sit and relax – and eat!

The food is well thought out and well chosen; yes there aren’t too many new things if you are familiar with Thai or Asian cuisine, but that is not what is advertised from the company. You get exactly what is advertised. Drinks are included at all stops so you end up well watered as well as well fed.

Our guide was fantastic with great english and stories. Sites and eating spots were varied and gave a nice snapshot of the down town area. I’d definately recommend doing this tour – and would recommend catching the skytrain to get there – the fastest and best way to get around.

Reviewed on Sept 13 by Carlos
Source: TripAdvisor

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Best tour of the holiday

Excellent tour from start to finish. Small groups (4 in total in ours), the guide spoke excellent english and was very knowledgable about the area. Food choices were varied and gave us a lot of confidence to order more unusual foods/eat in more unusual places for the rest of our trip. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on Sept 3 by Northampton_Girl
Source: TripAdvisor

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Fantastic tour – excellent authentic thai food, with a bit of sight seeing thrown in

Booked because of great reviews on Trip Advisor – and used the “book now” option on the site, which worked great.

The “audio devices” were a real genius touch, allowing our guide to easily communicate with everyone effectively, even if some of the group were lagging behind.

The food stops were really well thought out and planned – the roast duck from a chinese-thai family restaurant, curry with egg and stay from a muslim indian-thai place were both great choices. After crossing the river, we tried a really unique deep fried catfish dish in a truly authentic “local” setting.

The bakery was a really standout – the pork bun was great, but the thai green custard bun was absolutely fantastic.

We finished up in the nicest setting of all, a really classy thai restaurant, where we sampled an amazing thai green curry with some ultra-crispy roti.

Throughout, our guide was full of great information, extremely thoughtful and friendly, and a real

Reviewed on Aug 29 by BeachieSydney
Source: TripAdvisor

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We had a good time!

Thanks Bangkok Food Tours for such a nice morning in Bangkok. We took the Bangrak tour with Kit and Bottle. They both were so energetic, funny and informative. The food samples were wonderful and the local landmarks were interesting. Just like other reviews, we all loved the crispy catfish.

Reviewed on Aug 29 by AnnieKR
Source: TripAdvisor

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An enjoyable morning

Did the day tour with Olive as our guide. Only myself and husband plus another couple from England.
Olive was very informative and the audio ear pieces were great to be able to hear Olive as she gave us her guided tour of the area.
All the places we visited cooked lovely food that we probably would not have tried on our own.
Would thoroughly recommend doing this tour and if we visit Bangkok again will definitely do the China town tour.

Reviewed on Aug 20 by Andreajr
Source: TripAdvisor

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Amazing encounter with Thai food

Private Food Tour bangkok:
We started our day with Bangkok Food Tour with a pleasant meeting with our guide Olive. She greeted us kindly at Saphan Taksin (exit 3), where we headed for our first food destination. After a few minutes of small walk and nice chatting we reached our first point. We were in a group of eight, so we all thought it would be hard for us to eat, since first “restaurant” was kinda small. The food was delicious, and as expected it was prepared the way the Thais like – spicy. One of us was a vegetarian but that wasn’t problem, since we could get a vegetarian dish instead. It was the same for someone who didn’t like very spicy food. The only thing we had to do was to ask Olive to get us a little bit milder dish. Olive explained what we just ate, and told about the history of that place. We all shared the same opinion that we would never step into that place, since it didn’t look like typical European outlet or a place where we could find a delicious example of thai couisine. After we all ate Olive gave us devices with earphones, so she could explain everything to everyone while we were at the streets where traffic was loud, and the busy sidewalk prevented us from sticking together. Next restaurant was run by a Muslim, but Olive said that it didn’t matter since it has been here for more than 70 years so it wasn’t typical Muslim restaurant, but a place where Muslim and Thai couisine is mixed. And as before, we would never thought about going into that place because how it looked like at the first view – just plain. The food was outstanding. The combination of these two cultures is just something You must see and eat. While we were heading to our next destination we asked Olive many questions about Their food, culture, language, way the Thais live, and history of Bangkok. She was always willing to answer, so we didn’t feel unkind to fire another questions. She took us to the Buddha Temple by the public school of Bangkok, where we saw monks and small children playing around this holly place. We also saw Buddhas’ Monks Living Quarters, where we stopped for a moment, so Olive could tell us more about philosophy and the way the Buddhas’ followers live. It turned out that our next point of tour was at the other side of the river so we took a boat, which was a thrilling experience but we finally safely got out on dry shore. It didn’t take us more than two minutes when we turned right and stepped into next restaurant. This time it was a pure Thai food. It was filled with local people, eating and lively chatting with each other and it seemed that they didn’t pay any attention on us. This place looked like no one else has ever visited this place, but Thais. Olive told us that we are going to eat crispy fish which was a local dish of Olive’s home city (forgot the name). And I got to say that it was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. My friends said that it was like a “heaven in their throat”. After a few whiles of eating, drinking and talking with Olive, we took our way back through the river and started our walk to next stop. We passed by the biggest Catholic cathedral in Bangkok city, but unfortunately we couldn’t get inside because of the ceremony. After a few minutes we reached our next stop. This time it wasn’t a restaurant but a bakery. We drank coffee and tea and ate some delicious cakes which is another thing You just must try in Bangkok! We could also buy some exclusive products such as cookies with shrimp flavor, of course it was very cheap as everything in Thailand. So with few handbags filled with baked-cookies and crisps we headed for our next and unfortunately last restaurant. During our walk, we really understand what does the “rain” term mean in Bangkok. It was pouring so hard that you can’t even imagine, but Olive was prepared. She handed us our raincoats so we stayed dry whole time. Last restaurant looked tidy and very professional just like the bakery. We could taste thai couisine one more time, and as before we weren’t disappointed. It was so delicious! Whole trip took us about 4 hours, but unfortunately after that time we had to say Goodbye to Olive. She saw us off into the nearest BTS Skytrain station and said that it was going to be the fastest way to our hotel. It was a great day and a great experience with Thai food. Olive is such a kind person that you cannot even imagine, you just have to see how. Many thanks to You Olive!!!
The best day in Bangkok, undoubtly! We recommend this to everyone as a great Thai experience!!!

Reviewed on Aug 19 by Marysia_Czyzewska
Source: TripAdvisor

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Eine Stadtbesichtigung für etwas Mutigere

Busrundfahrt und Bootstour auch schon gemacht? Dann ist diese Tour genau passend. 3-4 Personen mit einer erfahrenen Begleitung und schon sind wir zu Fuss auf unserer Food Tour. Die Restaurants sind seit Generationen im Familienbesitz und die Rezepte sind perfekt. So probieren wir Thaifood und lernen viel über Küche, Land und Leute. In Thailand ist es heiss oder heisser und so ist auch die Küche, kalt und fade gibt es nicht.

Reviewed on Aug 13 by Daniel B.
Source: GetYourGuide

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Great way to try some new dishes and see some Thai culture

As instructed we met our very kind guide Olive and her equally polite co-pilot Kat at Saphin Taksin. After initial introductions we started on our way along the first street in Thailand. We were given a copy of the route for if we wanted to retrace it ourselves at another time, along with some very handy key Thai phrases to use if the need/desire should arise.

The tour has been well organised in advance and each of the places was very receptive to our arrival. In most cases the tasting we were to eat was just ready as we arrived. We tried a range of Chinese influenced Thai, Muslim Thai, Issan (northern) Thai and lastly authentic Thai. In each place we ate a small plate and on two of the stops we purchased our own beers. Water was also included on the walk. The walk also included a stop at a quiet temple (with thankfully no expectation to buy anything) and a walk through some of the nicer shopping districts of Silom. A quick trip across the river was a cool reprieve from the 37C degree heat to where the deep fried catfish was extraordinary! I have never experienced such a delicate ‘basket’ or mesh of finely minced catfish fried to perfection and served on lettuce with deep fried peanuts. I don’t particularly even like catfish – but this stuff was out of this world!

Olive and Kat were very knowledgeable and extremely polite. They went out of their way to include everyone in everything and their ability to retain our names and use them as we walked around was exceptional. Culturally we were exposed to just enough to keep our interest, and how they linked it to the food (either based on how the area came to be how it is today, or how different ethnic groups in Thailand had influenced Thai cuisine) was also worth noting. All in all a good 3.5 hours spent with people who share a favourite interest of mine – eating good food!

Reviewed on Aug 6 by Vicbrett.
Source: TripAdvisor

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It’s fantastic to experience the real Bangkok away from tourists

I did the Bangrak Food Tasting and Culture Tour – a real highlight for me! A wonderful mix of food and culture. Really good value and don’t worry about the walking part, you sit down a lot to eat. Don’t eat beforehand as you are really full by the end of the 3 hours. If you have always wanted to eat where the Thais eat, but were too afraid to go in – do this tour. You get the opportunity to eat in places where there are no English menus and you will visit tucked away places with real character. You will learn some Thai words and lots about their culture. Our guide was born and bred in Bangkok and a joy to spend time with. Booking over the internet was easy and efficient. Recommend you do this tour first as it gives you lots of info and confidence. Don’t miss it.

Reviewed on Aug 4 by NGL1111.
Source: TripAdvisor

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Nous avons vraiment apprécié ce tour qui nous a immergé dans un Bangkok un peu moins touristique mais qui vaut le détour aussi bien pour l’ambiance que pour les plats. L’encadrement est vraiment sympathique !

Reviewed on June 30 by Gifis.
Source: TripAdvisor

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