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“Chinatown Food Tour” – Hunter// 3bradley // Jan 4, 2012
“Nervous about street food,? don’t be, take this tour.” – Rossco234// TripAdvisor // Nov 28, 2011
““excellent dont miss it”” – Waikiki Western// TripAdvisor // Oct 17, 2011
“Bangkok Chinatown – not only delicious but fun” – Caros C// TripAdvisor // Oct 17, 2011
“Excellent though it was rain!” – Christine // TripAdvisor // Sept 14, 2011
“Chinatown, wie wir es noch nie erlebt haben” – Michael // TripAdvisor // Sept 5, 2011

“Love both tours!” – Terry // TripAdvisor // Aug 27, 2011
“Fabulous tour, not to be missed” – Catherine // TripAdvisor // Aug 18, 2011
“Fun!” – Frequentnomad // Facebook // Aug 9, 2011
“Phenomenal Chinatown” – Kswanny19 // TripAdvisor // Aug 1, 2011

“A Real Foodie Adventure” – cc4salsa // TripAdvisor // July 21, 2011
“Fun… chinatown food tour!” – JCMANKIM1 // TripAdvisor // Jun 14, 2011
“Awesome experience” – Vineet // TripAdvisor // Jun 12, 2011
“Amazing night tour… so much fun” – pdeen74 // TripAdvisor // May 27, 2011
“Recommended & The Best Food Tour…ever :)” – Jc_arvesu // TripAdvisor // May 11, 2011

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Chinatown Food Tour!

Sitting around the table of the final stop on our Bangrak Food Tour, the three of us agreed – joining this same outfit for their Chinatown Night Foodie Tour would immediately inject us into the heart of that cultural scene, too. Kavitha inquired about the availability of slots for us to join the tour the next night, as the tour max is 5. “Yes, we can fit you in,” they replied. (more on their website below)

Reviewed on Jan 4, 2012 by Hunter Bradly

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Nervous about street food,? don’t be, take this tour.

I had a bit of free time in Bangkok and booked a Saturday morning Bangrak tour, when I found that my flight had changed and I wouldn’t be able to do the Saturday tour the Bangkok Food Tour guys were great and let me change to a night-time Chinatown tour instead. We met at the suggested exit on the BRT line, no problems, the friendly guide was there waiting, I was in a group of 5 which seemed about the right size, anymore and it might have been too many. The restaurants and food selections were pretty good, a nice mix of indoor restaurants and a few street food stalls. I enjoyed the street stalls most, having no idea what to order it was good having the guide who picked and chose for us. Great fun, good value and I’d recommend it. The only thing I would add is it would have been nice to have the option of a Thai street food tour rather than Chinatown, we are in Thailand after all.

Reviewed on Nov 28 by Rossco234
Source: TripAdvisor

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excellent dont miss it

We did the chinatown walking food tour with a young man called Kit. It was amazing. The food was tasty and there is no need to eat anything you don’t want to. The pepper soup was. By far the best food I have experienced in a while a and different from the normal curries. We had a 7,12 and 16 yr kids with us even they enjoyed the tour and our hard to please husbands got great enjoyment. Check out very well priced and great food.

Reviewed on Oct 17 by Waikiki Western
Source: TripAdvisor

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Bangkok Chinatown – not only delicious but fun

We booked for a private chinatown food tour and it was a fun night. Our guide was really friendly and attentive. He also explained a lot about street food in Bangkok. That night we tasted around 9 samples and all of them were fantastic. At the end of the tour, it was clear that the peperry noodle with cripy pork was the winner as all of us voted for it.

Apart from foods, this tour also took us to visit the golden buddha temple, the China gate and the Guan-Im Shrine.Bangkok Chinatown is fun to walk and we all love this tour!

Reviewed on Oct 17 by Caros C
Source: TripAdvisor

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Excellent though it was rain!

I took the Chinatown Food Tour last week and it was excellent. Unfortunately it rained for the whole tour but we still had a great time. Kit, our guide ,was so friendly and knowledgeable but most importantly he was well prepared as he brought the poncho for our group.

Though it rained, the chinatown was still full of street food vendors and their food was fresh and delicious. Just like others in the tour, I liked a noodle in the peppery soup but my husband loved Dim Sum. To us, this tour is the best way to orient yourself to the Chinatown, which can otherwise be overwhelming.

Reviewed on Sept 14 by Christine
Source: TripAdvisor

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Chinatown, wie wir es noch nie erlebt haben

Wir hatten uns für die Tour durch Chinatown entschieden. Wir waren eine Gruppe von 5 Personen (inkl. Guide). Es gab mehrere Sachen zu essen und zu drinken. Unser Guide hat uns viel erklärt. Wir waren schon 2 mal in Chinatown gewesen, jedoch haben wir das erste mal den Standteil und insbesondere das Essen so richtig kennengelernt. Beim nächsten Bangkok-Besuch werden wir sicher einen weiteren Foodtrip buchen. Danke für den schönen Abend!

Reviewed on Sept 5 by Michael
Source: TripAdvisor

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Love both tours!

It’s my boyfriend’s and my first time visiting Thailand. We decided to join this Bangkok food tour since we always love thai food and the tour sounds great. It was difficult to decide which one to take, and my boyfriend thought why don’t we just try both since we have the whole week in Bangkok, and I thought, why not?

On our second day in Bangkok we went for morning food tour which starts at 10am. It’s quite easy from our accommodation to get on sky train where the meeting place is just 5 stops away. We met Kit, our guide, right after getting off the train and there are 6 people in total. Kit took us to his selected local food vendors, whom he knew very well. We were given a great size of tasting at each stop. The only thing I have tried before is green curry (but had to say this one is so much better since they are original), other tastings were our first time and all are super delicious (especially the crispy fish in a sweet sauce). Luckily, they also gave us info sheet that has names of all tasting, so we will surely try to find that fish again.

On our last night in Bangkok, we took their Chinatown food tour. This runs at night so the weather is cooler. Although it was raining at the beginning of the tour, we can still see so many street food vendors operating. Luckily, it doesn’t take long till the rain stops. I was glad we joined the tour since many things we tasted, I would not know how to order (or would not order myself if I didn’t know them before). I think they gave us like 9 samplings with a good sizes from 6-7 stores in total, what a great value!

All samples from each tour are different from each other and from these 2 trips, we have tasted like 13 new delicious things we never had before. Thanks to Kit & Bangkok food tours. We would surely recommend this to anyone who plan to visit Bangkok!

Reviewed on Aug 27 by Terry
Source: TripAdvisor

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Fabulous tour, not to be missed!

We did the Chinatown Foodie walk which was amazing. Follow the directions and definitely take the underground-it is quick and very easy and avoids all the traffic jams! We were met very promptly and there were 6 of us in total. I had 2 teenagers and 1 seven year old with me-all loved it!

You definitely do not need to eat before hand and if you love food then you will love this tour. The food we sampled on the tour was delicious and so interesting. We would never have tried these things without the guide (who was brilliant) and best of all it is reassuring to go to ‘safe’ eating places. In all the places we ate, they were full of chinese and thai people-a great sign! We loved all the tastings but best of all were the Dim Sum, Grilled Jumbo prawns and chinese bun.

You also get to see alot of china town on this tour. Highly recommended it is great fun!

Reviewed on Aug 18 by Catherine
Source: TripAdvisor

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We did the tour of China Town, and had a great time. Our guide, Kai, was excellent and fun. Even though I’ve previously lived in Thailand for years, and had sampled quite a bit of the food previously, I had a great time and enjoyed learning about new restaurants and even a new dish. China Town at night is busy and fun, and you will get to sample lots of tasty dishes, while also learning some unique facts. I would recommend this to anyone…what a great tour!

Reviewed on Aug 9 by Frequentnomad
Source: TripAdvisor

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Phenomenal Bangkok Chinatown

My son and I really enjoyed this tour. A nigh foodie walk in Chinatown was awesome. The tour guide was so friendly and the street foods selected for the tour was phenomenal. I enjoyed all samples but my favorite is the peppery noodle. My son loved eating the jumbo shrimp on the street. Foodie!, this is the tour for you.

Reviewed on Aug 1 by kswanny19
Source: TripAdvisor

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A Real Foodie Adventure

I originally signed us up for the Historical Bangrak Food Tasting Tour but after discovering Bangkok Food Tours was also offering a new Chinatown Foodie Walk in the evenings, I signed us up for that one, too.

Our adventure began when we met our tour guides, Kit and Guy, at the MRT subway exit 4. My daughter and I began our walk to Chinatown with a visit to Wat Traimit and then we were off to our first Chinatown food tasting after a brief stop at the archway commemorating the entrance to Chinatown. We were the only participants that Friday evening and Kit and Guy treated us to an amazing evening of food tastings, including crab and shrimp shumai, Chinese herbal tea, peppery noodle soup with crispy fried pork (my favorite), bbq pork buns, jumbo grilled prawns and water mimosa, lychee ice cream (my daughter’s favorite), durian, sesame balls in ginger, and an off menu item, duck cheeks! Yes, I said duck cheeks…also, my daughter’s favorite!

We ate street side with the locals and in local restaurants where we were the only non-Thais. The pace was relaxed and when it started to drizzle while we were seated street side, enjoying ice cream, Kit suggested we wait until the rain stopped. We felt as if we were visiting with old friends who were treating us to their favorite neighborhood eateries. This was a true foodie adventure and I dare to say, one I would not have ventured to attempt on my own. Thank you Kit and Guy for an amazingly delicious and fun food adventure!

Two days later, we met Olive, our Historical Bangrak Food Tasting Tour guide. We enjoyed this tour, too, but found the foods to be fairly typical with the exception of the off menu item Olive treated us to, roasted duck wrapped in intestines, oh, so delicious! Obviously we are not your average foodies! We also visited a Hindu temple where after making a small offereing, we were blessed by the Hindu priest and received an ash marking between our eyes, which we proudly wore all day.

If you are looking for a fun introduction to typical Thai foods as well as a cultural exprience in old Bangkok, I highly recommend this tour.

Reviewed on July 21 by cc4salsa
Source: TripAdvisor

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Fun Fun Fun… chinatown food tour!

We just took the chinatown food tour and it was extremly fun. We knew we would have limited time in Bangkok and we wanted to get the most out of it. So, we tried to look for fun activities to do even during the night time. Fortunately, we read one review here and we decided to register for it and BAM it was awesome. We really love it.

We started our tour at the MRT station and walked to the chinatown. The two tour guides shuffled around to give us Chinatown’s information. I must say their energies are awesome. They encouraged us to try the stinky fruit that I had no way to try if I was there alone. My wife loved it but I would not try it again. However, I encourage you guys to try. It’s once your life time trying this fruit. Why not!

Apart from the fruit, we sampled several other foods. My wife and I agreed that the noodle in peppery soup was the winner that day. That noodle is a real food for foodies and I can have it everyday. Really want to recommend this tour to anyone looking for a fun thing to do at night.

Reviewed on Jun 14 by JCMANKIM
Source: TripAdvisor

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Awesome experience

Chinatown is known to be the street food hub of Bangkok. But first timers like us had no hope of finding the best stalls and restaurants without some guidance. That’s where Bangkok Food Tours came in. Mr Chinawut with whom we corresponded on phone and email was always very helpful and prompt. We booked a private tour and our guide, Kit, was full of ideas about how to best structure the tour according to our tastes.

Started off with a place called The Canton House where we had some nice dimsums, followed by a hundred year old place which sold a herbal drink with detoxifying benefits. We moved all over Chinatown as Kit regaled us with stories about the history of the place and stopped occasionally to sample a variety of street food. We ended with Chinese herbal tea and as we said our goodbyes, we knew it was an evening well spent.

Reviewed on June 12 by Vineet
Source: TripAdvisor

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Amazing night tour… so much fun

We took the Chinatown Night Food Tour yesterday and we really had a great time. Bangkok Chinatown is so busy. The streets there are narrow, full of food vendors and unpredictable pattern of traffic. As one time visitors like us, we don’t think we can pick and eat the best street foods overthere. However, Bangkok Food Tours picked 9 best foods for us to try. All are great but my favorite is the grilled shimp in the seafood restaurant that we had to sit and eat on the street. That’s an amazing experience. We also took the tuk tuk to see the flower market after eating. That was amazing. What a perfect way to see Bangkok Chinatown!

Reviewed on May 27 by pdeen
Source: TripAdvisor

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Recommended & The Best Food Tour…ever 🙂

Native kind of tour that is very awesome & having excellent tour-guide. I love their different style of dishes in different places, walking tour to digest the foods u ate & be ready for the next round. Very idealistic for the new tourist to know the local speciality of Bangkok. Nice job BFT, keep it up & more power. 🙂

Reviewed on May 11 by JC_arvesu
Source: TripAdvisor

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