If you’re looking for somewhere to explore authentic Thai foods and dine like a local in the heart of city, Ratchawat Market is one of recommended places you should go.

Ratchawat Market is located on Nakhon Chaisri Road, known as one of the food heavens of Bangkok food lovers. Along the footpath in front of this market, there are numerous local restaurants and street food stalls which are always crowded all day, especially in the evening. All kinds of food and ingredients you are looking for can be found here e.g fresh meats, fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, vegetarian dishes including authentic Thai desserts.



“Rad-Na-Mhoo (Wide rice noodles with pork in gravy soup) at Ma Radna Yodpak Ratchawat is one of the dishes you should not miss if you come here. The restaurant has served its secret recipe to customers for more than 5 decades and this can guarantee how tasty its “Radna” is. Now, the restaurant is run by the second generation owner and was renovated for a more modern look. However, that does not make the taste less delicious as the owner still use the same ingredients and cooking technique.  Ma Radna Yodpak opens 11.00 am -11.59 pm but the restaurant is usually crowded and filled with local people at around 7.00 – 9.00 pm.


Ratchawat market is also well known for authentic Thai street dessert. Especially, if you are one of those who love mango and sticky rice, you should visit, Wantana Khanom Thai stall, which is only about 10 meters away from Ma Radna Yodpak. At this stall, you will find many types of homemade sweet sticky rice with a variety of toppings such as mango, egg custard, black beans in coconut milk, sweet fish meal, and tender coconut flesh. If you are looking for premium mangoes with homemade sticky rice, this stall is ready for sale at 5.00 pm everyday except Monday. The stall will close around midnight.


To finish this eating trip, we would recommend Khanom Krok ( or crispy coconut pancake), the highlight of Thai dessert at Ratchawat Market. Unlike other Khanom Krok in Bangkok, Khanom Krok here is very light, fresh and crunchy. You can also add toppings with almonds, egg threads, sweet corn, taros, green onion, dried fruits, you name it. Khanum Krok here is so great that the royal family has often visited  the shop. Moreover the price is so reasonable with just 40 Baht per 28 pieces ( in a box). The Market operating hours’s during 5.00-11.00 pm.

Let’s make a plan and getting unforgettable experience to visit Rachawat Market during your next trip!