We all know that Venice got its charm when it comes to awesome and romantic canals. But knowing Bangkok as the Venice of the East, it’s a very unique and lovely experience especially adding the taste of South East Asian culture. Canals in Bangkok portrays a major role from the past and up to the present. It’s been used as a mode of transportation by the locals especially to avoid the traffic condition in a bustling city of Bangkok. Speaking of canals and river, seeing a local floating market or also called as “talad nam”, you get a thrilling site especially from a westerner’s point of view. Rowing a boat and buying foodies from a wide array of yummy Thai snacks or “kanom”, plus seeing the daily livelihood of the locals is a perfect experience that somehow you’d fall in love with how simple the life in Thailand can be.


If you do not want to go in a very touristy and crowded floating market, I have a perfect place for you to try on. Two weeks ago, I’ve been to a place not far from Ramkhamhaeng area. It’s a market called Talad Nam Kwan Riam or Kwan Riam Floating Market which is located in Minburi at the stretch of San Saeb Canal or locally known as klong san saeb. It’s open every weekends. It was the newest and just opened last 2012. The name Kwan Riam refers to a Thai novel of a romantic and tragic love story. It is a very lovely place and every weekends, it has some Thai cultural dance show, and a petting zoo which kids and kids at heart would definitely have a great time. You cannot leave this floating market without eating. Dine in on one of the boats transformed into restaurants floating in the canal that offers authentic and yummy Thai dishes. Most especially if you have a sweet tooth, do not forget to have a bite of some Thai desserts like “tako” which is a coconut milk custard and the sticky rice with sweet mangoes that is very much “aroi”! There are also temples situated in both side of the canals.


Going to Kwan Riam Floating Market, it is located between Soi Saereethai 60 and Soi RamkhamhaengIf it’s your first time, I suggest you take the airport rail link to Ban Kapchan Station then take a taxi to Kwan Riam Floating Market. Another is take the boat trip from Pratunam to Bangkapi and get a cab to Kwan Riam Floating market. Never leave Bangkok without visiting a very offbeat floating market that’s much known to Thai people called Talad Kwan Riam.